Smart Bro announces Home Boost 15 for Heavy Data Users

Smart Bro has a new affordable promo for heavy data users, Home Boost 15 let's you add 1GB more data on-top of Php50 above promos like GigaSurf50 or Surfmax50.
It is exlusively available on Smart Home LTE prepaid Wi-Fi subscribers. A small router that don't required monthly bill.
Exclusively available on Smart Home Wi-Fi!

How to register?

Make sure you are registered to any Php50 above Smart Bro promos for example GigaSurf50 or Surfmax50. Then you can register to HomeBoost 15, text Boost15 to 2200 or 9999

There's no limit how many times you can register to HomeBoost 15 as long your Php50 above promo is not expired. Enjoy!

You can also register online or for more info visit Smart's website.
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