RECAP : 7 April Fools Of 2017

Whenever 1st of April comes, it's safe to take everything with a pinch of salt. Over the weekend, big brands pulled their April Fools stunts and these were the ones we noticed. Did you fall for these?

Emirates Airlines' APR001

When you think Emirates, you think luxury. So when Emirates Airlines announces their plans for the world's largest commercial aircraft triple-decker, 'APR001', featuring a swimming pool, games room, gym and a park, we tend to believe it's true.

But too bad, it's not.

IPrice X Amazon Philippines

IPrice, a Malaysian based price comparison platform sent out press on Friday, 31 March announcing the first image of

Amazon was said to launch in Southest Asia this year but the particular date was always a mystery. The 'Screenshots' of (albeit fake) gave the public excitement that the ecommerce giant was finally here.

But the subtleties of the image made it clear that it was fake -- Baguio barrel man, bakya shoes and balut? Balut to be sold online? Seriously?

Not the mention the memes that were used for customer reviews. 

And this wasn't just the Philippines, press releases were also sent to SingaporeMalaysiaIndonesiaThailand and Vietnam

Honda Horn Emoji 

Who said that horns were boring? 

Honda introduced the Honda Horn Emoji.

The function?

Every Emoji on the wheel expresses a different emotion through the horn (the emotion range from happiness to rage).

Imagine pressing the "happy" horn when you are giving way!

Life insurance on Mars

With talks about colonizing Mars, Progressive started to offer insurance on the Red Planet.

Ms. Pacman on Google Maps

The search engine we all loved paid homepage to Pac-Man. In the Google Maps app, there was a button you could press to play Pac-Man.

Burger King toothpaste

If you love the taste of Burger King's Whopper more than any other taste in your mouth , then you can have all it day long Whopper toothpaste. The dentist-recommended (don't take this seriously) product embodies "the iconic flavor of the Whopper and combines it with active ingredients for optimal teeth and gum hygiene."

Google Gnome

Google parodies its own inside-the-home assistant, Google Home, with a creature that usually sits outside.

We all wish about Amazon here in the Philippines. Hope.
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