How to : Smartbro UnliSurf 85 - It Is Still Exist!!

Did you know that the popular SmartBro promo Unlisurf 85 is still exist? Here's how to use or register...
smartbro unlisurf 85

Note: This promo does not work anymore if through registering or texting Unlisurf 85 to 2200.

Steps :

Ask the load retailer for loading SmartBro. If He/She didn't know on how to do this, ask them to follow this steps:

  • Go to Load menu or SIM toolkit.
  • Then, find Smartbro and select it.
  • Select Mobile number and enter the customer's number.
  • Find UnliSurf 85 and select it (Unlisurf 50 does not work anymore).
  • Lastly, select OK or Confirm.
  • Enjoy!!!
Actually, it was just the same as SurfMax that currently offered by Smart. After 1GB of usage Smart will automatically block you, and you will need to wait 8-12 hrs. to continue browsing. Hope this helps.
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