Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin Limited Editon for $1690

HMD Global's product the Nokia 3310 now has a golden limited Supremo Putin edition.

The company called Caviar crafted the Nokia 3310 into luxurios Supremo Putin edition with gold-plated portrait of Vladimir Putin (on the back) and a gold seal with a qoute of Russia's national anthem (on the back). For front facing there's also an gold plated image of Russian coat of arms.

Caviar is known for making smartphones from normal to luxury edition. The Nokia 3310 will ship with luxurious wooden cased with balck velvet for $1690 (or about PHP 85K)

The specs are all the same it has 2.4-inch colored screen and 2MP camera. What do you think? For 85K you can buy an gaming laptop.


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