Oppo 5x Mobile Photography Technology Is Coming This MWC!

One of the big brand's of smartphone, Oppo has another new technology coming this Mobile World Congress (MWC).
As expected, Oppo has a new upcoming mobile smartphone's to be unveiled this coming MWC. But the most exciting is, these include's about 5x mobile photography technology. So what exactly is "Go 5x further" technology mean? 

The project called "Go 5x further"(as we seen in the image tagline) is to make Oppo smartphone's be "unprecedented" capture of image. Oh! oh!

Sky Li, OPPO Vice President and Managing Director (MD) of International Mobile Business India, said. "This remarkable achievement is the result of an extensive, year-long R&D process, combined with OPPO’s unparalleled expertise in smartphone imaging technology. We chose MWC to unveil the ‘5x’ technology with the belief that we can inspire the industry to aim higher, and continue to create pioneering products that give amazing experiences to consumers."

Oh! My OPPO, it could be really exciting!! We can't wait!

Are you excited??

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