Flash Plus 2 : How To Move Apps To SDCard (With Pictures)

Flash Plus 2 
A lot of Flash Plus 2 users ask on how to move Apps to SDcard?? We'll maybe this tutorial can help you to solve your problem.

Aside from FP2 there are some Marshmallow that there is no support for moving apps to SDcard, and maybe this tutorials can help too.

Note* It is recommended that you should use a faster SDcard.
Like this. Sandisk Ultra

First :
  • Go to the settings of your phone

  • Then, find and select Storage & USB

  • Select SDcard you want to use as internal storage

  • Select Menu (Three dots on the right side)

  • Finally, select Format as Internal
And when you're done, you can now move some apps to SDcard for free up space from your phone.

Hope this helps. Thank you!!

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