What's going on Flash Plus 2 ?

So far so good, it's doing well but there are some bugs until now didn't fix already, one of we notice that the google now on tap is still won't work and the battery draining issue.

Many users of FP2 complain about google now on tap still won't work after a several updates.

What is Google Now on tap?

Is a Screen search develop by google, if you don't know about what you are seeing in your screen then long press your home button to know about it. Google uses what's on your screen to show you related info, apps, and actions. This is available in Android 6.0 or higher, which is FP2 is already Android Marshmallow, and that is the issue about FP2 that won't work.

For many users of FP2, now on tap is very useful because it makes life easy, for example there is a movie that you don't know the schedule of when or where to show, then you can long press your home button to get to know about the info of the movie and another example there is a music that you know the title and you do not know about who is the artist, then now on tap is there to help you out.

Battery Draining issue.

Another popular issue of FP2 is battery draining, also many users complain about battery draining on FP2. Base on our experience, we leave the phone overnight that wifi is turn on, and the result in !00% battery is only 15% decreased or obtained of battery life, meaning that from 100% of battery life and we leave it for overnight (approximately 12hrs), only 85% of battery life left.

Good news, last month Flash release the new software update for FP2, and we the same test... The result is in 100% fully charged battery only 3-5% obtained !! (whoah! that's pretty good though.) 

Disclaimer : Those test is not official, base on our experience only.

Hopefully Flash team will fix all the bugs of FP2. Anyway Flash plus 2 is a great phone!

That's it guys!! See syou nextime.

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