The Samsung Gear S3 is Coming this November 18

Heyy! Another new Technology again from Samsung and it is the Gear S3, Huuh! Where ever you look side by side in earth there is a new technology releases from any Tech Companies, that bring us to the future.

Okay, lets go back to the new Gear S3. So this device is smartwatch that looks like an ordinary watch out there, but powerful specs inside from samsung and the successor to the gear s2. I heard in the news that this device is now has LTE compatibility on-the-go.!!

I'm pretty excited to this smartwatch, at the price of 350$ it makes affordable to consumers because of it's powerful specs and performance (for the watch, I don't mean it can be compare to S7)

For full info visit Official Site of Samsung

That's it guys..!! See you on my next blog stay tuned.

Just comment your thoughts below..!!

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