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Sony announced last few months their new PS4 models and this is the Pro and Slim Design

The PS4 slim design release last September, PS4 slim now support HDR (High Dynamic Range) Gaming which is awesome!, and also the cheaper price. The size is smaller than the original PS4 ofcourse., so you can easily save space on your setup.

The PS4 Pro, Pro meaning its better than the regular PS4., upgraded processors for better performance. It's also now support 4k UHD resolution for amazing and realistic gaming experience. The size is slightly bigger than regular PS4 because looks like three layer already instead of two in original and slim. Bigger size so you better ready to have enough space on your setup if your planning to upgrade. BTW PS4 Pro is coming this November 10.

Also both new PS4 has new dualshock 4. Just a littlebit change they add some more lightbar, if you notice in the controller there is more light in upperside.
There is also new controller licensed by Sony Playstation.

These are the Raiju by Razer, and the Nacon Revolution.

That's it guys see you in the next blog!!

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